Profession: Interior designer

Profession: Interior designer

Nowadays there are countless interior design and decoration portals, blogs, etc. where you can search and find inspiration to carry out your own projects.

When you delve into the process, you realize that it is not as easy as it seems and that in the end the results are not as expected with the consequent disappointment and in the case of commercial spaces, in addition, the business it is not as successful.

Profession: Interior designer

Not only is imagination and good aesthetic taste needed to be able to carry out a good design project, whether commercial or residential, it is also necessary to have technical knowledge, know how to modularize and maximize the space available, in addition to improving its functionality, having ample knowledge about color, shapes, the use of natural and artificial light as a fundamental piece, having good knowledge of existing materials, their characteristics, their advantages and disadvantages for each particular project, as well as being up to date with all the latest developments that constantly appear in finishes, accessories and new construction techniques.

In the commercial spaces case, not only an aesthetic result is sought. First you have to carry out a good analysis of the business, the product and the competition in order to develop an image in line with the features of the company that you want to enhance and so that the whole group breathes and enhances its own identity. It should differentiate us from the competition without falling into stereotypes or fashions since a good interior design project must above all be timeless, where the passage of time does not make it look outdated, but on the contrary, it gains its own personality.

Bombons Cudié, a family-owned chocolate delicatessen company that created the emblematic Catànies, a gastronomic symbol of the Mediterranean, more than 65 years ago, has decided to bring its product to street level through a network of its own distribution stores. CONCEPT – A box of chocolates.

For the design of Whitman Restaurant, Manhattan and one of the best American poets of the 20th century has served as a source of inspiration. The restaurant offers its customers a comprehensive gastronomic experience that begins with the design of the establishment itself. CONCEPT – Manhattan.

In the case of residential spaces, the main objective, in addition to adapting the space to the client's needs, will be to provide it with functionality and comfort through creativity, with a unique aesthetic result.

Regardless of each style, the main basis will be to provide comfort and find the best solutions for each client, so that in addition to the result being beautiful, functionality and quality of life are gained.

In accordance with the client's ideas and wishes, it is necessary to adapt to the environment of the place and the culture in order to create a space with soul and uniqueness.

In our studio all projects are carried out with creativity, authenticity, professionalism and commitment, from the simplest to the largest.