Boho interior design

Boho interior design

Among the interior design styles, for some years now a style with a lot of personality called Boho Chic decoration has been applied, which is influenced by the bohemian style and is a fairly free style.

Boho interior design is the result of mixing other styles such as ethnic, vintage, hippie, adding current modernity among its lines. With warm and soft lighting, the Boho style mixes its fabrics, materials and colors to convey calm, but with certain key points such as nature to communicate sensations that give maximum vitality to the home.

Boho features a great combination of warm colors, subtly mixing them with some cooler colors from nature or simply the color turquoise. Plants with large leaves are characteristic, as are prints of plants or flowers on walls or fabrics, with maximum balance. That is why the materials are natural, such as wooden furniture with light tones, and even incomplete finishes. This is what gives character to this style of interior design, since at first glance it seems neglected, but each element is designed to make sense and be very pleasant to the eye. A reflection of the decorator's personality is achieved.

The mix of fabrics is the key to Boho design because various natural fabrics are mixed abundantly, such as linen, cotton, leather, fabrics, curtains; all mixed and enhanced with natural decoration elements such as plants and flowers.

The decorative elements are what give it true personality, because objects from all over the world are usually mixed, and even antiques and restored furniture, achieving a space of diverse cultures but much less accentuated than the ethnic style. Furniture is more omitted without drowning the space with too much, leaving more priority to fabrics, such as the Moroccan style.

New styles emerge from the mixture of various interior design styles, and this is why new trends will never stop emerging throughout history.