Imágen del estudio de ARC


From the hand of its founder Raimon Parera , the professional interior design studio was born in 1980. Since then, it has followed a stable and constant trajectory that has consolidated itself in the field of interior design for homes and public spaces, becoming a benchmark in the field of design at a national and international level.

More than 2,000 clients and 40 years of experience guarantee the trajectory of the studio, which, under avant-garde criteria, has maintained the same level of demand and commitment to its clients since its inception, creating personal spaces that adapt to their requirements and functionality.

Imágen del interior de de ARC


In the 70s, by family decision, as was done before, I began to study Technical Architecture without much enthusiasm on my part. Back then, everything was in black and white, and I combined my studies with a job as a draftsman in a surveyor's office in Travessera de Dalt, although looking askance at the emerging artistic movements of that time.

A good day a colored sheet representing the interior design of a house fell into my hands, from that moment on I made the decision to dedicate myself to interior design. I started self-taught, clandestinely, through correspondence courses without my family noticing. I knew, with the corresponding risk and personal economic effort.

Then came the Hippie movement and my periodic stays in Ibiza that ended up discovering my transgressive spirit, later reflected in my professional work. I finally had to give in to take regulated studies at the corresponding School of Applied Arts of Interior Design, (which to this day I still do not understand its meaning very well), to the point of being part of the Board of the National College of Decorators.

Parallel to this training, I became interested in the pioneering architectural movements of modernity, both in my country - GATPAC - and in Europe - LA BAUHAUS - where the rationalist and minimalist influence has left its mark on my work.