Design icons – 5 chairs for summer

Design icons – 5 chairs for summer

We are in the summer season and we like to fully enjoy our urban terraces, patios, gardens, or vacation spaces such as apartments, country houses, and beach houses.

Nothing better than doing it in one of these 5 special design icon chairs for the summer.

Butterfly Chair

The BKF or also known as Butterfly, designed in the 1930s, became the symbol of Argentine national design in the world. It is made up of a solid round iron structure with a very ergonomic canvas seat, for the summer version.

Acapulco Chair

Design from the 50s. Its tropical design and its name already make us suspect that it is of Mexican origin. This chair was created by anonymous artisans and is made of a galvanized steel structure and the seat is made of flexible PVC strips of various colors following ancient Mayan weaving techniques. It is the perfect combination of comfort and style, which together with its personality, will not leave the space it occupies indifferent.

Tolix Chair

French design from the 1920s made of galvanized steel. Currently it is made lacquered in colors with countless combinations. It is ideal for any environment since it is very versatile depending on the environment in which it is integrated. Up to 25 units can be stacked on top of each other, making it a favorite for bar and restaurant terraces.

Panton chair

It is a fun chair for which the exact year of its creation by Verner Panton cannot be established. It dates back to the 1960s and is one of the chairs that has received the most awards for its one-piece oscillating design. Made of flexible molded plastic, it can be stacked and is perfect for use outdoors, although its chameleon-like design allows it to adapt to all environments.

Silla Bertoia

Esta silla-escultura es indispensable para los amantes del diseño. Fue diseñada por Harry Bertoia en los 50. Está formada por  una estructura de metal cromado y es muy resistente a pesar de su apariencia ligera.”Si miras estas sillas, parecen hechas de aire, como una escultura” Harry Bertoia.