We understand design as the exercise of imbuing a space certain ambience without altering the original architecture for the purpose of enhancing its beauty and bring functionality to the whole thing.

Through the furniture, coatings, textures and lamps, combined with creativity, we create projects with the desired tendencies.

Our team of interiorists is highly creative with endless imagination. They all have all the resources and experience to create and search a big range of ambiences.


When we design under this style, we can smell Mediterranean, white and blue colours, silence as the biggest expression of fullness. The abstraction of the superfluous, sobriety and nudity… Although we communicate with the minimum expression, the results are so rich…


Orderly disordered, attic, encounter with chance,
witnesses to the past, bistro in Montmartre…
A thousand languages in one style.


The freshness of the materials, transmit freedom and purity to the interior.
Admiration for Jacobsen and Aalto.
White and pine,… only.


The recovery of the industrial spaces adapting them to a living areas, have become a very interesting tendency thanks to the capacity to create a new esthetica language. The nobility of humble materials. Cement, raw iron, bricks,…. The Lofts.


Create, invent, imagine what have never existed. The usage of unknown languages surprise ourselves. Passion for the eclectic. Impossible combination of colours and materials. Unpublished!

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